Schwer Erziehbar

photo series

“One could give birth to educated children
if the parents were educated” – Goethe

Criticising our disturbed relationship to nature.


topic and goal

In the course Photography, which was supervised by Oliver Jung in the third semester, the basics of photography were to be developed under the over-theme “The Garden”. Special attention was paid to the content and dramaturgical conception of the history of photography. The aim was to train conscious perception and to translate this into a visual language by means of specific photographic design tools.


disturbed relationship to nature

The photos of the series were almost all taken on the grounds of a former home for smoldering children and adolescents, which gives the series a meta-level and is taken up by the introductory quotation from Goethe: “One could give birth to educated children if the parents were educated”. The photo series criticises our disturbed relationship to nature. More and more often we lose touch with our surroundings, thoughtlessly deposit our rubbish in the garden and leave a picture as if we had not been brought up differently. This is to be expressed through the juxtaposition of abstracted figures and gardens designed or defaced by humans. The dissolution of the familiar depiction of people also refers to Oskar Schlemmer’s experimental Triadic Ballet and the fashion company Maison Margiela, which covers the models’ faces with veils, stocking masks, their own hair or censor bars in order to focus on what is actually relevant.

key learning

conscious perception changes perspectives

By taking a closer look, other perspectives opened up for me and I found a new approach to the environment respectively the garden. Thinking outside the box not only helped me with this photo project, but also influenced the other projects I worked on in parallel.


project information


April – July 2020
Semester 3
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd


Oliver Jung


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