Hei! I am Katharina.

representing two worlds
that often seem impossible to unite


about me

who i am

designer and business administrator

I am an 25 year-old interaction designer, creative mind and enthusiastic pole athlete.
I am just another human being celebrating the beauty of existing things as well as bringing new ideas to life – both meaningful and banal. My field of interest lies in different fields of design and I am especially passionate about user research and user experience, questioning the existing and finding sustainable solutions for all kind of things.

what being a designer means to me

Our job description is in constant motion. This is why I concentrate on the core attributes of a designer: first and foremost the mindset – the thinking, values and attitudes, then the skillset and only then the toolset.

For me being a designer means developing a certain personality. I am curious – and at least I try – not to be afraid of confusion, experimentation or failing. As a designer I am critical to create clarity, and creative to build ideas. I try to see the big picture, but also be meticulous about details. I as a designer want to be humble, care about and fight for the people, and the planet we live on. 

bio and qualifications

what i have done so far

education and work experience

Before I started working on the conception, design and implementation of user interfaces, user experience and other design aspects, I was working in a completely different environment.

In 2017, after graduating from high school, I started a dual study program in the field of business administration specializing in industry at BOS GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart. During my dual studies, I worked in various departments and subsidiaries of the company where I learned how a company is structured and functions. 

After my studies I started working for BOS as a personnel development officer in human resources development before I was drawn to the big wide world and I went on a three-month trip.

In March 2019 I started to study interaction design at the Univer­sity of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd and thus found what really fulfills me. After seven semesters, one of which I spent as an intern at 21TORR and another at the faculty Art & Design at HSLU in beautiful Switzerland, I can officially call myself an interaction designer as of July 2022.

05/2021 – today

self-employed interaction designer


03/2019 – 07/2022

student interaction design

@HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

09/2021 – 02/2022

student design management international

@HSLU art and design

02/2021 – 08/2021

intern design, branding & communication



10/2017 – 10/2018

personnel development officer

@BOS GmbH & Co. KG

10/2014 – 09/2017

dual student business administration

@BOS GmbH & Co. KG
@Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University

06/2014 – 08/2014

intern sales, central purchasing and vocational training

@BOS GmbH & Co. KG

contact information

interested in working together?

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If you have any questions or want to know what is next, just write me a short message. I will be happy to answer.


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