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Interaction designer –

first and foremost the mindset

I am Katharina, student of Interaction Design, creative mind & enthusiastic motorcyclist. Our job description is in constant motion. This is why I concentrate on the core attributes of a designer: first and foremost the mindset –
the thinking, values & attitudes, then the skillset & only then the toolset.

my projects

Ada –

visual voice user interface concept

Programming for validating your data visualisation can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. What if we didn’t have to programme at all, but instead used the skills such as pointing and explaining and could thus validate our concept within the shortest time possible?

mindful messaging –

communication concept

We are paralyzed by the daily flood of information
in the form of messages and e-mails

– It’s our responsibility as senders
to not let it happen in the first place

Fatal motor vehicle accidents –

interactive data visualisation

A visualisation limited to abstract, geometric forms & the systematic use of colour. Making data readable without the use of any alphanumeric characters.

Special Theory of Relativity –

interactive communication system

Einstein‘s Special Theory of Relativity explains how space and
time are linked for objects moving at a constant speed. Due to this, anomalies in time and size can be observed.

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